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(Editors' Note place tongue firmly in cheek and keep the salt handy...)

Note: This document is a translation from the teaching notes of a Most Potent Magickal Order. The author, Frater Mirabile C. G., is one of Australia's better known occultists, who, in revealing these secrets for the first time, is incurring the wrath of the Magister Umbra Savantus. However, he believes that knowledge is more potent when shared, and hence is willing to pit his arcane abilities against those who would keep the Flame to themselves. Ah, Prometheus!!


It is of the utmost import for the seeker after Truth, when setting foot along the Way of the Adept, to select and maintain the Magickal Cognomen by which he (or she, if one of the frailer sex is wont to risk these Patterns - a most rare and unusual phenomenon) is known to the Enlightened. Therefore, be not deterred by those who have gone before and have chosen already that Name most Puissant by which you would be known. Stride boldly and bravely with your choice, and shun those who maintain not the True Power of the Cognomen.


The Cognomen must be chosen only after the deepest and most meaningful meditation. Much learned work must be consulted, lest the Cognomen be merely fruit of the overwrought imagination, and inspired not by the Most High Ones. My own Cognomen, which I reveal to the reader at the end of these notes, is of course inspired by my most noble Heritage, and recognisable at once on both the Inner and Outer Planes as that of a Magister Ipsissimus.   My preparation was as follows (I sound a note of caution to those who would repeat my bold rites - ensure that you have passed the Green Branch, and also the Amber Twig, before you make the attempt. IF YOU UNDERSTAND NOT THESE ARCANE TERMS, THEN DO NOT ATTEMPT THE ENDEAVOUR! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.) - Five nights before the full of the Moon, sit in deepest meditation after partaking lightly of flesh and vegetable provender. Shun heavy alcohol (no more than six healthy nips of a pleasant malt whiskey), and foul not your breath with the demonic fumes of Tobacco (see "Treatise on Tobacco and its Filthy Import" - Fr C. G., 1985). This meditation should last for the burning of one 3 inch beeswax candle, for the reasons which will be obvious to the Initiated Ones. At the full of the Moon, prepare your body with a wash of hyssop, dittany and corbel (the latter available from the author's private Herbaria at most reasonable prices), and anoint the six Potent Points with purest Nard. (The gentler sex would of course use only the four Points were they to risk their delicate sensibilities with this Rite.) As the Moon reaches its zenith, move into deep trance to at least the 13th level, with its attendant Guardian, and have ready the Offering appropriate to this level. WARNING - DO NOT PROCEED BEYOND THE 17TH LEVEL - THE COGNOMEN WILL NOT MANIFEST. After making the Offering, speak in tones most Reverent and Profound to the Guardian. If your preparation has been sound, and your intent is Pure and Selfless in aim, the Guardian will reveal the Master List of the Cognomen to you. On reading the list, it will be evident to the true Adept which Cognomen he (or occasionally, she) should chose. Make your choice, and highlight it on the light with the Magickal Aura. Thank the Guardian, and move out of your trance. Purify yourself and your working area with incense and candle. It is wise to fast for AT LEAST two to three minutes following this working.


It is the nature of the Cognomen to be both reverent and awesome; nevertheless there are many who assume false Cognomeni without attendant preparation, and who do not understand the full and deeper significance of their choices (I myself have met several Myrlins whose pupils were unmirrored, and who did not comprehend when I spoke to them backwards!). Ensure you have fullest appreciation of your choice, spend many nights in meditation on the Cognomen given to you. Exhalt yourself in your Cognomen, and be not abashed by the more foolish Brethren who would mock. Use your Cognomen at every available opportunity, even when performing such semi-mundane tasks as communicating with journalists (minor manifestations from the Third Estate). And above all, be secure in your Cognomen, for is it not your password beyond the Lavender Bud?

Hic Signum Est


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