Thelemite Wicca is a religious/philosophical system based on the synthesis of two structures of Occult thought, Thelema and Wicca.

Thelema, by definition, is the Philosophy of the Will; in modern times it's primary exponent was Aleister Crowley while its's roots lie in Typhonian Egypt and the Yezidi tribe which wandered the deserts of Sumeria. Wicca, on the other hand is, by definition, a religious system based on the duality of the Goddess and God; it's modern exponents such as Gerald Gardner have tended to combine its religious attributes with the thelemite ideals and hence traditional Wicca tends to be found in family clans in more primitive tribes which carry on forms of Wiccan practice, which may more correctly be seen as Shamanism.

Thelemite Wicca combines the Philosophy of Chaldean Kabbalah, the Concept of the Magickal Will and Tantric Science (Sexual Magick) with the religious concepts of Wicca i.e. the Polarity of the God and Goddess, The Sacred power of Mother Earth and the ebbs and flows of the seasons.

In any article it is difficult to cover all the apsects of any subject, so in this article I shall examine a selection of the ideals held by Modern Thelemite Wicca. These include The God and Goddess, Feasts and Festivals, The Threefold structure of Initiation, Will and Love (Thelema and Agape) and Sexual Magick.

The God/dess Concept

Behind all existence there is a sole principle which is considered to be eternal. This principle is known in the Kabbalah as Ain and is seen in Tlemite Wicca as the Goddess of Infinite Space whose name varies according to personal need but includes Nuit, Isis and so forth. She can have no attributes and no form, however, the symbol of her nature is the eternal archetype of the feminine. By necessity this includes all aspects of the female sex and femininity as an abstract concept beyond sexual roles. Her projection into time is the creative matrix. The God whose nature is activity is known in the Kabbalah as Kether, while in Thelemite Wicca some of his names include the Horned God, Hadit and Pan. These two forces are primary to any form of Thelemite or Wiccan practice; they represent the totality of existence and are seen as part of the manifested universe as well as separate from it. Their nature is found in all levels of life and hence create an immanent and transcendant ideal of the nature of the universe based on the pantheistic acceptance of the God/dess in all things.


Feasts and Fesitvals

In Traditional Wicca there are Eight Festivals. These are seen to represent the ebbs and flows of the year and represent the relationships between the seasons as understood by the interaction of the God and the Goddess. These Eight festivals are known as "solar" festivals for they occur at the major turning points of the year. Four of these festivals are Pastoral or Hunt oriented and hence sfall at the Solstices and Equinoxes, while the other four represent agricultural festivals and have specific religious significances within the progressions of the seasons throughout the year. In Thelemite Wicca these are celebrated in conjunction with Eight religious feasts which celebrate the various aspects of the manifestation of the New Aeon or the Age of Aquarius which was heralded in 1904 e.v.

These Sixteen feasts and Festivals are a crucial aspect of Thelemite Wicca. They are sixteen in number as they represent the Calas or Vaginal Essences of the Goddess who emits throughout the year. In Tantric Mythology, this Goddess is Kali and the sixteen fluids can be found not only in the infinite Goddess but in any initiated Priest or Priestess, hence the feasts and festivals are not only movements in space and time but movements within the very ebb and flow of our own organisms.

In Tantric practice each fluid is activated through sexual Magick according to the attribution of the Feast or Festival, and since they reside in both the Male and Female organisms, a variety of Sexual Magick techniques may be utilized.

The Three-fold structure of Initiation

The Structure of Initiation in Thelemite Wicca is threefold. These grades should never be taken as degrees in an ascending Order for they represent differing forms of workings, not levels of ability.

The first level is known as the "Man of Earth"; it means in practice that the initiate has begun to work with the Lunar current and hence has dedicated himself to the Earth Mother,m hence the title "Man of Earth". This form of working demands the initiate express the unconscious and train themselves in the Mysteries of both the ebbs and flows of Mother Earth and of himself. This is usually supplemented with basic magickal training in such techniques as Meditation, Visualization, Ritual and so forth. The second level of working is known as "The Lovers" and represents the Solar Arcanum of Thelemite Wicca; hence the initiate learns to unite his understanding of the universe with his knowledge of himself and practically influence their own life and the world around them. The Grade is known as "The Lovers" and represents the Solar Arcarnum of Thelemite Wicca, hence the initiate learns to unite his understanding of the universe with his knowledge of himself and practically influence his own life and the world around him. The Grade isw known as the Lovers as it represents the knowledge of the duality of life as represented by the Male and Female Archetypes.

The third level of working is known as the "Hermit" and represents the Stellar Mysteries. It in practicality represents the uniting of the Polarities within the initiate to create an integrated whole and thus demands a total knowledge of such arts as Practical Magick, Tantiric Science and their practical application.

These three levels of working may be likened to the three degrees in traditional Wicca or the three Orders within a Kabbalistic Organization, however the difference that must be noted is that those are three forms of working, equidistant parts of the circle of initiation, not ascending steps on a ladder.


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