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This section is a rogues' gallery of people associated with both the hard copy and online versions of Shadowplay, as staff, contributors, diverse abettors, groupies, etc. (Oh, all right, we're noticeably low on groupies.) If you're not on this page and should be (ie if you're a past or current contributor to Shadowplay), please send along a bit of bumf on what you're up to these days, along with a picture, email address and website URL if you like, and we'll all scrunch up and make room for you. Unfortunately, we've lost touch with quite a few major contributors to the old print version of the magazine, so if that means you, please drop a line. Y'all know who you are.

Oh, and if you're in this section and don't want to be, or if we've bollocksed up your details horribly, you'd better drop us a line too.

A Note About Names
Old timers will notice a lot of Shadowplayful people are going by different names than we used to in the hard copy version. Well, it's a standard Wiccan thing, innit? This perverse fondness for accumulating alter-egos. There is a sort of logic behind it though. Different aspects of you do different thing. You don't just refer to your house as 'house' when you're in it. You have a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a loo, a dungeon (optional), etc. Different words for different bits. So, if we've listed any of you by the 'wrong' name for this particular 'bit', please let us know and we'll get it sorted tres pronto. After all, it's very inconvenient when people go about calling the conservatory the library, especially when trying to explain where Colonel Mustard did the dirty with the spanner.

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