The leaves are falling
They are going back to the earth's living soil
For the living soil is where they came from
It is time for them to become the foundation again

The world is full of color
One last celebration before all living fall to sleep
Hiding from the upcoming cold
and long days of darkness
We dance with the colorful leaves
dancing off the trees

Tonight we eat what the earth gave us
We feed our bodies with food that grew
out of the soil
We warm our bodies from the heat
that the sun put into our food
We quench our thirst and lift our sprits form the sweet juices that the rain produced

Our bodies are becoming white
Soon we will search the fire to warm our skin
We will search to touch the naked warmth of others
For that pure naked touch will warm us through the months of cold darkness

But tonight we must eat and drink
what the earth gave us
Let us drink the fruits of the earth to lift our sprits
The heat from the food will warm our souls
and open our hearts
Let us dance and celebrate to the earth long after the dancing colorful leaves become the earth's foundation, once again.

Published in Australia  1984 - 1990 - In Seattle & Sydney 1990-1994
Sydney/Seattle Webzine 1999
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