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I am the very model of a modern esotericist;
A seasoned astral traveller and edifying exorcist,
A sparkling star astrologer, a dead adroit necromancer,
A dab hand as a palmist and a card as a tarotmancer.
I@#146;ve folk tradition lineage - Italian and Hispanical;
I@#146;ve channelled Dion Fortune and I@#146;ve busted cults satanical;
Elusively mysterious in Eleusinian Mysteries,
I@#146;ve disproved ninety-three percent of Margaret Murray@#146;s histories.

My patent aphrodisiacs would make a satyr hornier;
I@#146;ve manufactured unicorns in Northern California;
In short, in matters magical, I@#146;m manic as a terrorist;
I am the very model of a modern esotericist.

I am the very model of a modern esotericist;
My mystic methodology@#146;s inherently empiricist;
I@#146;ve glided over Glastonbury on broomsticks I can travel on;
I don@#146;t deny the rumours that I ghostwrote Mists of Avalon.
A truly great Great Riter and a master of tantrickery,
I@#146;m up the Shining Pathways till the guardians
are sick of me;
I dazzle Neo-Pagans as I breakdance round the Wicca ring;
And, miracle of miracles, I even stop them bickering.

I@#146;ve raised the ghost of Crowley in a Gnostic Mass invoking in
Sumerian, Bavarian, Etruscan and Enochian;
I@#146;d sing another chorus but I have to see my therapist;
I am the very model of a modern esotericist.



Image: Paul Stevens(Copyright 1985)
Verse: Cyfrin (Copyright 1985)



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