He is naked.
The winds follow him.
He is among the beautiful women.
The women are naked.
All the women are beautiful
with their different shapes.
The woman are laughing and dancing together.
He is dancing with them and laughing with them.
He loves them and they love him.

They smell the sweet smell of the sulfur
rising above the steaming water.
The heat of the water smooth
and cool their joyous bodies.
They laugh as they drift away.
They play as they drift away.
They love all.

They drink love.
They eat love.
Their bodies touch each other with love.
They love each other.

The redwoods tell them secrets
of the earth and heavens.
The winds tell their secrets.
The scared water shares their secrets.
They listen and learn from the sprits of the earth.
They share their secrets with the sprits.
They make love with each other
and with the sprits.
The God lets all become one.

Photograph Michael by Rhea

Published in Australia  1984 - 1990 - In Seattle & Sydney 1990-1994
Sydney/Seattle Webzine 1999
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