First published in Shadowplay #21, 1989.

Sung to a tune very like The Jet's Song from Westside Story by Lenny Bernstein and Stevie Sondheim - but not enough like it to get us into copyright snarls!

Oh, and would the first person to read this as a call to arms in some sort of mythical Pagan street warfare, remember to turn of his or her PC off on the way to the loony bin.



When you're a Witch,
You're a Witch till you're dead,
From your first psychic twitch
To your last Tarot spread;

When you're a Witch
You're the swingingest cat,
In your Dracula cape
And your Hallowe'en hat.

The Witches are here,
So grab your crucifixes,
The cowans steer clear,
'Cause Wiccan dudes and chicks is
Just here for kickses.

Here comes the Craft
Like a Doc Marten boot,
Someone gets in the way
And turns into a newt;

Here comes the Craft;
When we walk down your street,
If you don't merry part,
Then you'll be merry meat.

We're witching your town -
The guys you thought you'd kissed off,
The Lady's around -
You're people She's a list of,
And, oooh, She's pissed off.

Here comes the Craft
And we're ready to fight,
Gloom and doom had their day,
Now we take back the night.

Yeah, the whole, shovin',
Mother-lovin' niiiiiight!

Published in Australia  1984 - 1990 - In Seattle & Sydney 1990-1994
Sydney/Seattle Webzine 1999
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