This would be a picture of Antonia but she's gone walkabout for a bit with Cyfrin and is having too much fun to get a new picture taken. Back soon-ish<>



Editorial Types:

Rhea Shemazi
Raven Erling
Liam Cyfrin

Contributors & Collaborators:

Antonia Autum Groves Caroline Tully
Caroline (aka Yarrow) Fiona Horne Gavin O'Keefe
Hawkeye  Julia Phillips  Manya 
Nevill Drury Paul Stevens  Valencia

Implausibly good at anything that grabs her attention, and looking exceptionally decorative all the time she's doing it, Antonia is the sort of Renaissance woman who'd have kept the likes of Leonardo on his toes (the Gioconda one, not the Gilbert Grape one). The rest of us can but sit down with a soothing cup of tea and watch in caffeinated awe as she hurtles between, and occasionally betwixt, her roles of author, company director, editor, jewellery maker, HPS, manic cross-stitcher, and decorator - and still has time to walk the dogs twice a day.

The general consensus is it's all slightly unnerving but extremely pleasantly so.


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