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Deep, Dark Craft Secret. That article on Thelemic Wicca on this site - the author was writing about something that, as far as he knew at the time, didn't exist. It was a little wind-up piece. Another Deep, Dark Craft Secret. Whether or not the notion of mixing Crowley and the Craft existed back when that piece was written, it didn't take long before it kicked in - quite independantly of that article I should add.

It's now not at all uncommon to find Wiccans who like to squeeze a bit of the ol' OTO in on the side. Or verse vica. Caroline's been working as a Thelemic Witch for sixteen years now, during which time she's run several Covens and Temples, has been active in organising large Pagan festivals and gatherings, and has contributed to a string of publications, including, fortunately, ours.

During her spare time (presumably, the hours the rest of us devote to otiose frivolities like sleep), Caroline has also been interviewed about Witchcraft and Paganism by The Age and the Herald-Sun newspapers in Australia, and has appeared on the Australian Broadcasting Commission's rather good religious program, Compass.

Her particular interests are the Southern Hemisphere adaptation of the Wheel of the Year, Witchcraft History and Pagan images in Art. Caroline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, works as a Tapestry Weaver in Melbourne (commendably Witchy gig, that) and continues to be a vocal member of the Australian Pagan community. On top of which, she keeps herself busy looking after her first child, Jasper. All in all, a woman with that little something extra, we feel.

But enough of my yakkin' - here's some updated info from the lady herself:

My Witchcraft History

I’ve been a Witch since 1985. My particular path started off being heavily influenced by Thelema and Aleister Crowley (and still is to some extent), and so I originally tended to work within a ‘ceremonial’ style of ritual and system of magickal correspondences.

In 1986 I met my first Wiccan Witches when my partner and I moved to rural Central Victoria and a whole new world was opened up to me - This was my introduction to public Pagan festivals such as the Mount Franklin Annual Pagan Gathering where I met loads of other Witches, and alternative lifestyle festivals such as the Confest.

In 1992 I discovered the American organisation ‘Church of All Worlds’ whilst reading a copy of Green Egg Magazine and for interest’s sake I passed this information on to two friends of mine, Fiona Judge and Anthorr Nomchong, who decided to take the next step and become members of this organisation and to import it into Australia. I also joined the Church of All Worlds, first as a member of the Canberra-based, Draconis Nest, and then forming my own group, Primeval Soup Nest in Melbourne.

In 1993 I became a member of the Melbourne-based ‘Wizards of Oz Camp’ which was a chartered sub-branch of the famous Ordo Templi Orientis and over the next few years I underwent initiation into several of the degrees within the Order.

In 1994 I was initiated as a Scion of the Church of All Worlds. This was a simple, public ritual in which High Priestess, Fiona Judge, initiated both Anthorr Nomchong and myself.

During 1998 I became very involved in formulating an Australian approach to magick, primarily concentrating on the traditional Wheel of the Year. Most magickal work for the next two years concerned analysing, dreaming and celebrating the Sabbat cycle with my new handfasted partner, Simon.

In the year 2000 I experienced a powerful Rite of Passage initiation into Motherhood with all the joys, worries and personal growth such a transformation entails!

These days, I am interested in many different cultural manifestations of Witchcraft, Magick and Paganism, however my primary affiliation and affection is toward Greco-Roman Witchcraft. I do, however, use any form of ritual, spellwork or religious celebration that I find effective for my immediate purposes and I am not confined to working within the parameters of one particular tradition or style.

My Writing

I love reading and plough through many, many books on both occult and mundane matters, so in a way it was inevitable that I would begin writing as well. I started off writing occasional articles for Shadowplay in 1987 or 1988 and since then I have had articles on Witchcraft, Paganism, Astrology and other topics published in over twenty national and international Pagan publications.

I am a regular contributor to the well-known Australian publication, WitchCraft Magazine for which I also do the ‘Witchwatch Reviews’ section.

Most recently I have contributed a chapter on The Witches’ Sabbats for Doug Ezzy’s forth-coming book on Australian Witchcraft.

Education and Work

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art, majoring in medieval-style Tapestry and sub-majoring in Printmaking. I also have an Advanced Certificate in Studio Textiles and a Certificate in Natal Astrology. Since 1996 I have worked as a professional Tapestry Weaver.

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