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Gavin's spent the last 13 years (and more if you count endless childhood doodling) illustrating various amazing things which have taken his fancy. Fortunately some of those amazing things were bits and pieces of Shadowplay and we did extremely well out of his highly complex, convoluted, baroque imagery.

Another major contributor with an ego inversely proportionate to his talent, Gavin not only spruced up many an issue with his own work but managed to blend his style with Rhea's on a number of pieces that rank among the snazziest artwork we ever put to print. The partnership hit its stride early on with the intricate, bittersweet and slightly shag-ocentric illustrations for a Cyfrin story In Love In Absence, and continued for several issues.

In 1990, the Carroll Foundation published Alice's Adventures in Wonderland richly illustrated in G O'K's distinctive style, and his work has continued to grace books, book covers and magazines in Australia and abroad, as he keeps himself amused with as many varied projects as are possible at any given point in time. One such bubbling-under project is a new, distinctly Carrollesque collaboration with Cyfrin (or whatever name it turns out to be this time) called A Temporal Hitch. Watch this space.

Gavin lives in rural Victoria and is the besotted father of a young gentleman called Vincent whom he is educating in Carroll, Mervyn Peake and the finer nuances of Robert Fripp's soloing on early King Crimson albums.

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