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A pleasing thing about the paper and ink version of Shadowplay was its tendency to attract the sorts of people who approach art forms in the way the rest of us approach whatever brand of potato chips it is that you can't have just one of. Steve Hawkins, aka Hawkeye, typified the type in an almost archetypally typical type of ... I'm sorry, I just get tired thinking about these people!

The point is he's good at lots of things and it only gradually crept up on us how many skills he had, after he'd been with the magazine for a while, doing some short articles and some extremely snazzy, inventive and incurably Pagan page borders and decorations for us. One thing he'd no talent at all for was blowing his own trumpet so we only found out about his talents for smithying and bronze casting almost by accident.

Like many of our other multi-talented but extremely unostentatious artists, Hawkeye wasn't averse to a challenge either. Try creating every one of the twenty-two Tarot Major Arcana out of bronze, for instance. (I don't mean that you, yourself, should try it at home. If you're at all like me you'd probably burn the place down, lose the use of both hands and bronze your cat before you're halfway through the Fool.) For more on Hawkeye and his work, flip on over to his Interview. Oh, and if you happen to be himself, drop us a line! Been out of touch too long.

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