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Although Nevill was born in England, Australians like to ignore the fact and claim him as the most respected and influential writer on occultism, spiritual art, shamanism and alternative medicine ever produced in their country. A rummage through his interview on this site adds a slim but calorific slice of credibility to this claim since he was Norbert, a boy ... sorry, nor but a boy of ten when his family removed to the land down under and a bit to the left.

Being of the right age to get the most out of the 60's, Nevill not only managed to open his own particular doors of perception but to remember what was on the other side long enough to write it down for the rest of us. Far from winding up a fabulous Furry Freak Brother, he remains one of the most lucid writers on all matters pertaining to the far side of perception. Possibly he didn't inhale.

His many books include the first serious overview of occultism in Australia: Other Temples, Other Gods (co-written with Gregory Tillet and published in 1980); The Occult Experience (the book of a major documentary released in 1985 featuring, among others, Margot Adler, Alex Sanders, Janet and Stewart Farrar, and H R Giger); and Pan's Daughter, the first biography of Australian artist, non-Wiccan Witch, and all round good time girl, Rosaleen Norton. He has also published studies on Castaneda, the spiritual in art, and the esoteric uses of music.

A walking (and sometimes sitting down) compendium of esoteric knowledge, his only supernatural mishap was the freak numerological accident in the 70's that tragically robbed him of the last 'e' in 'Neville'.

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