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Raven is a magician, Feri priest, witch, military and social history buff, counselor, hypnotherapist, reiki practitioner and listener extraordinaire. He runs a counseling practice specializing in serving people in alternate lifestyles and subcultures, is interested in music across a broad spectrum.

Raven is a self-proclaimed "tart" and his hobby is people - watching them, flirting with them, enjoying their company. He is a Thelemic magician, part of a small magickal order "Nocturne" which plays with the edges of magick, mind, mystery and mantra. He has taught workshops and courses on negotiating relationships, polyamory, magick, ritual construction, magickal arts, pagan religion and came up with the name "street magicks" for a down-and-dirty magickal training program which he taught as part of School of Night, and is now teaching with the other members of "Nightwing" coven (an Old Feri and Alexandrian group in Seattle).

He has lived in various parts of the country, including the midwest, the Bay area and now Seattle and visited Australia. He lives with his partner Rhea and kitties, and enjoys the company of his other amores, playmates and partners. His motto is "The True Work of the Adept is to Have Fun", something Shadowplay has adopted as it's own. He became an Editor of Shadowplay back in 1991 and wrote the series of articles "news of pagan interest".

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