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An Aquarian born of Aquarians, Valencia knows now that water bearers shouldn't be allowed to marry each other, and most certainly mustn't be allowed to have Aquarius children because SOMEBODY who can function in the present needs to be in charge!

Destined by the position of the stars in her natal chart to see the future, Valencia doesn't expend much energy paying attention to what's happening on a daily basis, as she is readily able to see what's coming up. "Practically every problem can be solved given time and patience. Of course, it also helps to be able to see the future. " And she says that she has been well aware of the other realms all her life, finding access to them easy and comfortable, being the Aquarius child of Aquarius parents and Aquarius grandparents.

Early on, she also recognized her connection to the powers granted to practitioners of the Craft. Once she felt the ancient stirrings and recognized her capacity, she set out to establish her own witchy ways, although not professionally!

Mix the magic of the Aquarian with the magick of the Craft and what do you get? A true eccentric, a free spirit, an iconoclast named Valencia, who has found ways to function successfully in all the worlds she currently inhabits. A misspent youth, now long gone but wisely recorded, gave her the ideas and text for much of her so-called fiction.

Published in Australia  1984 - 1990 - In Seattle & Sydney 1990-1994
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