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Caroline is a Hedge Witch who hangs out in cyberspace with Wiccans and Druids, but secretly wishes she was FamTrad. The weird stuff started happening for her in 1980, and things got progressively weirder. Weirdest of all is how long it took (thirteen years) before she met any Witches. She has co-founded a Pagans in the Pub (twice - it got off the ground the second time) and is now an unregenerate solitary who rarely goes anywhere but keeps in touch via email. She is a regular contributor to "Pagan Times" magazine, and is rather chuffed to be among the illustrious (or is that notorious?) company of the Shadowplay team.

Vocation-wise, she has been a waitress, professional student, credit reporter, rabid vegetable grower, welfare worker, school holiday program co-ordinator, back-to-the-lander, mediator, retail buyer and esoteric bookshop manager, more or less in that order and sometimes concurrently. She has lived in various locations around Australia, once saved a community food Co-op from extinction, and has a degree in Spanish language that she still canít think what to do with.

Hobby-wise, she is a former Luddite turned baby computer nerd, and a slightly crazed bushwalker who often heads out after dark. She is also quite keen on photography. She learned to read at the age of three, and is still a notorious bibliophile - her book collection now props up the ceiling. She is interested in all forms of divination, especially astrology, tarot and dreaming. She loves growing, collecting and cooking with herbs and "weeds" and dabbles in incense-making, aromatherapy and vibrational medicine. She has a long-standing interest in Jungian psychology, is fascinated by Tibetan Buddhism, and is currently obsessed with Wiccan history. The latest items on the list of Things to Do are learning Gaelic and taking up Aikido.

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