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Search engines are all very fine and dandy but, in our experience, what gets you to the spiffiest spots on the Web is word of mouth (or, in the current context, word of mouse). We don't want to go utterly doolally with links but couldn't sleep quietly in our beds, nor indeed anyone else's, without recommending a few choice sites for sore eyes.

If you've a site that's vaguely relevant to the themes of Shadowplay, send us one of them newfangled ee-lectronic mail gizmos and we'll sort out an exchange of links. We'd also appreciate hearing from you if you find some of the links listed below have bitten the dust.


Witchy/Pagany Sites


Pagans at the Pub: Archetypically Australian venues for Pagan interaction and a schooner or two of Cooper's Old and Muddy.

Pagan Awareness Network: A very together Sydney-based Pagan organization enchanting Sydney's Western Suburbs (which need it, believe me) with open full moon Circles and other magical events.

Stella Australis: Another particularly useful Pagan information site, this one includes a substantial collection of relevant media reports.

Magick Happens: The home page for an ongoing series of Witchy Fairs, thus far held in both Sydney and Melbourne but likely to burst across international boundaries ere long. Any organisation that can get the Craft into Sydney Town Hall is doing pretty nicely in our books.

Pagan Alliance - Australia: It's got an nice Trekkie sort of sound to it to, dunnit? In any case, the PA is one of the oomphiest of Oz Pagan-ish Organisations and their hard copy Pagan Times magazine's well worth the price of admission in itself.


Seattle Local Interest

Online Calendar of Events - Ashley's wonderful Calendar of Events, Groups, Teaching, Newsletters, People etc for Seattle Area and elsewhere on the planet - really, wherever you go, there you are (as Buckaroo Bonsai would say).

OLOTEAS - Monthly rituals on the third Saturday of the month, hosted by Our Lady of the Earth and Sky

Northwest CoG - Monthly rituals and socials hosted by Great Cats of the Serengeti & NW CoG.

Other US Sites

Witch Eye - A Zine of Feri Uprising:
Witch Eye is an occasional paper zine full of art, lore @ discussion inspired and/or informed by the Feri/Faery/Faerie tradition of witchcraft, meaning various permutations of the tradition passed down by Victor @ Cora Anderson.

Green Egg: Just the most influential and widely read Pagan magazine on the planet.

Pagan Toons on the Net: The print version of Shadowplay didn't ever have a regular cartoon strip. This page showcases the work of the people we should have put on the payroll.

Witches' Voice: We could have gotten away with making this the only Wiccan link on the page, since WV has more links per megabyte than any comparable place on the web. Allow yourself masses of time for this un.

Beaufort House - An excellent leaping-off point for information on the results of the head-on collision of Gardnerian Witchcraft and the North American continent.

The Pagan Library: No frills presentation but who gives slippery slap when there's so much genuinely substantial reading? Take a large picnic lunch and spend the whole day here.

Twilit Grotto: This is Grimoire Central. Lemegeton, The Key of Solomon, Giordano Bruno's Greatest Hits and a vast array of other early magical writings online for your enjoyment, edification and illumination. Probably the grandest esoteric archive online - with the added merit of being utterly free of anything purporting to be the 'real Necronomicon'. If you can just find a program to format the text into several shelves full of ancient, leather-bound vellum tomes, you'll be in business. In the immortal words of the great occultist, Cole Porter (Shadowplay in-joke): "It's Dee-lightful, it's Dee-licious, it's Dee-lovely, etc."

Witches League for Public Awareness: The WLPA is a non-profit organization dedicated to dispelling all of the misinformation about Witchcraft put out in the media. We work with the media, government agencies, schools, etc, to bring about awareness of Witchcraft/Wicca as a religion, with all of the legal protection entitiled to religions in the US and abroad.

Circle of Salgion, Church of Wicca, Inc: The Circle of Salgion is legal church (state and federally recognized) that has been serving the community since 1996. The Salgion tradition began in 1987 and continues to this day. Our covens are centered in the New England region of the United States, but in keeping with our motto of 'Weaving the web of community.' we have networked with groups and individuals around the world.


Encyclopedia Mythica: Possibly the best reference book you'll never need shelf space for.


Michele's Tarot Page: Totally ace Tarot site. You'll be decked by how much she deals with. Shuffle on over.

Silicon Valley Tarot: Suitable for Pagan Yuppies (Puppies?). Be very afraid.

Stevee Postman: The artist behind the astonishingly brilliant Cosmic Tribe Tarot. All 78 (well, 80 actually) cards shown on the site but, be warned, one rummage through the deck and you'll probably feel compelled to buy a copy. Best Tarot deck ever? Well, definitely it's in the top ten.

Tarot Main Menu: The Astrology Center of America's Tarot deck review page. Masses of illustration so you don't have to take the reviewers' word for anything. A great help in choosing a new deck.


The Official Froud Faeries Website: Brian and Wendy Froud, the Unseelie Court Portraitists.

Fiona Horne: One of Australia's most prominent ultra-multimedia, pop techno rock chick witches ever to have written two bestsellers. And certainly the only one ever to have sung about both union with Shiva and feminine hygiene products.

Wendy Rule: A Melbourne-based, overtly Witchy and altogether spellbinding singer and songwriter. Virtually unclassifiable talent - which is generally the best sort.

Mediaeval Baebes / Miranda Sex Garden: AKA the indecently talented Katharine Blake and divers associates. On the menu: angelic harmonies; industrial grunge; Latin sung hymns; metal psychosis; madgigals, sacred and cheerfully profane; barrages of horror movie soundtrack spookiness; almost lethal doses of nubile pulchritude; occasional collaborations with John Cale, the Erotic Print Society, Nick Cave and Ken Russell; and covers of songs from Eraserhead and The Wickerman. Music to delight and (now and then) very seriously alarm.

Robert Anton Wilson: Invariably an illuminating experience.

Doreen Valiente Tribute and Archive - A very delightful tribute to the invaluable Ms Valiente. Not to be missed.

Designs for Living

Gothy Stuff

Dark Side of the Net: The departure lounge of the undead. This is not only the best link sites for Goth culture but one of the best link sites - period. None more black.

Gothic Gardening: No, really.


The Old Hippie's Groovy Site: If you can remember the 60's, you probably weren't there but only read about it on this site. More links than you could poke a daisy at.


Being and Nakedness: Less existentialist than it sounds and assuredly the best link site for those who don't believe in limiting the skyclad look to the Circle. It occurs to us that Wiccans and Pagans are about the only culture imaginable (sociologists aside) who might be equally interested in this site and the Gothy Stuff.

Loxie and Zoot - Formerly known as Nood Toons - which says it all. Sydneysider Stephen Crowley (no relation to Al or Viv as far as we know) sets new standards for alternative propagandists everywhere. And you have to like someone who's copyright notice reads: 'Artwork and text may be downloaded or hardcopied for your personal use. Further reproduction, especially for profit, would be rather unnice don't you reckon?' Now with naturist pixies.

Nudist World Domination HQ - The gloves are off (along with everything else presumably). Barking. Like it.


Wackyjac: The primo site for, amongst other things, Pagan underwear. Just thought you should know.

Witches' Stitches: Witchy cross-stitch patterns. Try to avoid pricking your thumbs.

Entertaining Diversions

Archive of Misheard Lyrics: For those who related to Whoopie Goldberg trying to decipher Jagger-ese in Jumping Jack Flash, this is utterly compulsive reading.

Find A Grave: Morbid? Not a bit. Well, all right, just a tiny bit. But strangely compelling.

What Does Your Phone Number Spell?: One of the few truly educational web sites, this one taught me my telephone number - no mean feat for someone who vagues out at three digits.

The Pagan Name Generator: I believe there's a rumour going around that some Llewellyn authors don't use this site before bursting into print. Doubt it strenuously myself.

'No Excuse Not To' Sites

The Hunger Site: One of the few sites you really need to stop by once every 24 hours. The only negative thing about this site is what an utter git you feel if you miss a day.

The Rainforest Site: Same drill, different life form. Probably worth owning a computer for.

Assorted Reciprocal Links

Watch this space. (Well, not constantly, obviously, or you'll get really, really bored. Watching clouds, fireworks, kittens or Tim Burton films are all much more fun.)


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