Published by Priceless Productions The Time Between is available from adyslipper, Inc. PO Box 3124-R Durham, NC USA 27715
Cassette $ 13.93,
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Deep Heart’s Core available through many large bookstore with a Celtic music section for around $10.00 for cassette and $16.00
for CD.

Kate Price

Kate Price is a very talented Celtic musician who has produced two wonderful albums which are both Pagan and mystical in theme. Her style is reminiscent of Loreena McKennitt with a little more of a traditional flavor. Almost all the songs she does deal with themes that would appeal to mystically-minded or Pagan individuals, though only one- “The Journey On”, refers directly to the Goddess.

There are songs about ancient peoples and holy sites, ghost stories, otherworldly lovers of various kinds, and the role of women as peacemakers in society ( “Peaceweavers”).

Deep Heart’s Core begins with “Labyrinth”, a very beautiful song that was apparently written for a wedding or handfasting but also invokes the timeless union between God and Goddess. Kate Price has also done some very powerful adaptions of “Celtic Mystical” poetry including William Butler Yeats “The Stolen Child” (on The Time Between ) and Robert Hillyer’s “So Ghostly Then The Girl Came In” (on Deep Heart’s Core ).

The latter is a very moving account of a man’s encounter with his own Anima or Female Self, a concept familiar to many spiritual traditions.There are also some instrumental pieces, both traditional and modern, including some very nice Hammered Dulcimer pieces.The instrumental pieces contain Latin American and Eastern European as well as Celtic influences.

Kate Price started out primarily as a traditional Celtic musician specializing in the Hammered Dulcimer, and her first album, Belaich an’ Doran ( now out of print) is definitely worth owning if you can find it.


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