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by Caroline

Artemesia Vulgaris (Mugwort) is one of my favourite herbs; I use it primarily as an aid for clairvoyance and crystal gazing.

It is useful in aiding the clairvoyant potential in that it helps relax and still your analytical mind, therefore letting your subconscious mind bring forth creative visions. For this reason, my speculum sits on a black cushion stuffed with the herb. Mugwort can also be used for scrying the Tattwa Cards, Tarot and for astral projection.

It is best to cut Mugwort in the waning moon for scrying purposes and, of course, just before it has flowered so it is at its most potent.

Attributes of the Herb

Crowley attributes Mugwort to Number 13. It is therefore harmonious with ideas such as Luna, the High Priestess, Hecate, Silver-bluish-greenish colours, moonstone, pearl and crystal. The number 13 is the number of Witchcraft of the dark variety - I don't mean negative, but of the waning and dark moon.

Medicinal Properties

The medicinal properties of Mugwort are - stimulant & tonic, nervine, diuretic, diaphoretic and emenagogue. As an emenagogue it is best mixed with pennyroyal and southernwood and drunk as a tea at least three times a day, preferably more. You could also bathe in a bath that had about a litre of strong infusion of Mugwort and other herbs added.


There are many ways it can be experienced and absorbed. It can be drunk as a tea, the essential oil burned as incense on a charcoal block, made into an ointment, stuffed into dream pillows, floated in the bath etcetera.

It can be infused in a dry white wine for about a month to make a good herbal wine that can be used for ritual purposes in which the male and female deities are invoked. The white wine symbolizes the male aspect and the Mugwort symbolizes the female. This wine can also be used as a love potion.

A caution - Mugwort should not be used if you are pregnant as it is an emenagogue .

Growing the Herb

Mugwort grows easily from cuttings taken in Winter. It likes to grow where there is a damp place - it likes to keep its toes wet. It has long thin leaves, green on the top and silver underneath and it reaches about three feet tall. The taste is rather bitter, but I like it.

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