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Fool's Mage - Copyright Paul Stevens 1994

What's New?

We're sharing space with 2 other projects - see the homepage for details, especially the Maxine Sanders visit to Seattle.

New articles are on the Shadowplay blog.

Creating Altars - Rhea 2009
Seasonal Altars - Rhea 2009
The Witch in the Realm of Faerie - Caroline 2009

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Fiction, Filk & Poetry
Rituals, Liturgy & Magick
Who,What,When,Why & Whither  

Shadowplay in a former incarnation was a magazine of Wicca, Paganism and all things magickal that flourished merrily between 1984 and 1994.

In its new whizz-bang electronic form, Shadowplay will give a sort of 'Greatest Hits' package of the articles, artwork and miscellaneous odds and sods that filled the pages of the 28 issues produced during that decade. However, because we get bored easily, we'll also be including a range of new material in the future, while adding more material from the 'hard copy' 84-94 era.

Those who've been with us for the long haul and have a request for a favourite article you remember, please email us and we'll see what we can do.

Important note to contributors from the old days: if you find any of your material from ye olden days on this site and would rather it wasn't there, please email us and it'll be gone in an instant. Similarly, if you're happy to be part of the site, but would have a different nom de plume for the web, we'll make the changes quick as winking.

On t'other hand, if you're not only happy to be on the site but would like to be on the Cast and Crew pages, have links to your own site or promote any other projects you might have, we're very happy to oblige there too.

New contributions and, indeed, contributors are thrice blessed. Please see the Your Bit page.

Introductory Notes


Webzine Offerings 2000 - 2002

1984-1994 Archive

Natural Magick


  • Solar Table (compiled and illustrated by Rhea Shemayazi)
  • Key of the Moon (compiled and illustrated by Rhea Shemayazi) - Table of Key Associations including Planetary Kamea and Seal, alchemic, herbal, astrological, numerological, angelic, tree of life, chakra and tattva information
  • Cognomen Magicae: Being a Treatise on the Assumption of the Magickal Name
  • Cone of Power by Rhea Shemayazi
  • Livin' Dolls - The Practice of Image Magic by Cyfrin
  • Weavers and the Web - An introduction to Cord Magick by Cyfrin
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  • Initiation - Considerations from different perspectives
  • Polarity Magic and Sacred Sexuality - Various aspects of polarity work - personal, internal work and work with a magical partner, the meaning of polarity in worship of deity and the practice of magic - and the nature of sacred sexuality, discussion of ethics, social and spiritual concerns, ritual and personal considerations and ideas.
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Fiction, Filk & Poetry

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Rituals, Liturgy & Systems of Magick

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Links to Other Pagan Groups and Zines

Please go right to the Links page for Australian sites, Seattle sites, US Sites, Other links of interest.

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Who, What, When, Why and Whither

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Your Bit

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