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The print version of Shadowplay had a tendency to say as much with pictures as it ever did with words. (We'd probably have had the thing playing music and inserted the occasional scratch'n'sniff too given half a chance.)

A lot of the illustrations from the magazine are sprinkled like digitized fairy dust throughout the various pages on this site (along with a lot of new artwork) but a few pieces seemed to want a bit more space to themselves.

We'll also be adding new pieces whenever the appropriate muse kicks in. Hence the page you're now perusing. We've also squoozed in a small family photo album, to which we'd be happy to add more images of past, present and future contributors and collaborators, so feel very free to send some along should your little heart so desire.

Even more examples of many of the artists' work are merrilly scattered throughout the site as illustrations for articles and so on. Collect the set!


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