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Rhea Shemazi


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Rhea, a self-confessed madly corrupt Pict, and her life comes down to a few basic principles (1) It's always good to have a spare (2) All she wants from life is a little bit of everything on a big plate (3) yes, love is the answer (4) I AM. I DO. I WILL (context is everything) (5) if it's fun, quirky, blatantly hedonistic, life is good (6) don't break the toys, and (7) remember to breathe.

In 1990, Prism Unity published Dreamstones, her guide to divination with small, prettily coloured pieces of the planet, she edited (with Joy Window) Unearthing the Goddess and illustrated a book on Sex Magick. After this flurry of activity, she got distracted, fell in love, (not in that order) and concentrated on other things for a bit. Magick-wise, she's an Old Feri priestess, a ritual magician, co-founder of Serpent Tradition (which used to be called "Rainbow Serpent Tradition" for daft reasons - ask her sometime), part of the Nocturne magical order, part of the Nightwing branch of Old Feri tradition. She is passionate about elemental magick, divination, edge play, the intersection of desire and creativity, mathematical/magick systems and, well, just about everything. She majored in Fine Art - and Printmaking is her particular love ... because, as she says "more is better".

In addition to originating and editing the print Shadowplay for a decade, she's the principal designer and HTML gurette of this site. Rhea was born in Sydney and moved to Seattle in 1990, thereby being one of the few (generally) good Witches to make the transition from Oz to the Emerald City. She lives with her partner, Raven and kitties. Her latest interests include bellydancing, jewellery-making, glass painting and the art of flirtation.


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